Q: Do I have to re-issue purchase orders?

A: No, all purchase orders issued to Cleveland Bottle & Supply Company will be honored and accepted by Bottle Solutions. Only our name is changing.

Q: Is your Tax I.D. number changing?

A: No, our Tax I.D. number remains the same.

Q: Who do I write checks or issue payments to?

A: Checks and payments should be made to: Bottle Solutions, LLC.

Q: Is your mailing or remit to address changing?

A: No, our mailing and remit to addresses remain the same.

Q: Who do I send invoices or statements to?

A: Accounts, invoices or statements should be changed to: Bottle Solutions, LLC.

Q: Are your e-mail addresses changing?

A: Yes, all of our e-mail addresses are changing to end in @bottlesolutions.com. Re-directs are in-place should you e-mail us at our old @clevelandbottle.com addresses, but we would appreciate you making the change to your system.

Q: Why can’t I find the Cleveland Bottle website?

A: We have built a brand new website, www.bottlesolutions.com. Please let us know if there is any helpful information we can provide or add to our new site.

For more information please contact us: 216-889-3330 or info@bottlesolutions.com