Round Metal Cans

Round metal cans are excellent for paints, coatings, adhesives, mastics, and many other products.  They come in a range of sizes from ¼ pint to 1 gallon.  Interiors come unlined, or depending on the nature of your product they can be coated with a gray or gold lining.  Gallon cans come either plain, with ears and bails sold separately, or with ears and bails.  Labels and printing can be applied.  Should you need to ship your paint can via UPS or the Postal Service, Bottle Solutions offers ARMLOK™ rings, which can help to better seal round metal cans.

Oblong “F-Style” Metal Cans

Oblong “F” style cans are often used for paint thinners, solvents, chemicals, lubricants, charcoal lighter, and even food products like vegetable and olive oils.  We carry quart and gallon sizes along with a variety of openings and fittings for proper seal and closure.  Labels and printing can be applied.

Aerosol Metal Cans

Metal aerosol cans are often used for paints, coatings, automotive, maintenance, cleaning and other industrial products.  They can also be used for certain health and personal care products.  Aerosol cans come in a wide variety of sizes and require specialized equipment to properly fill and safely ship.  Labels and printing can be applied.

Round Plastic Cans

Round plastic cans are a popular substitute for traditional metal cans.  They are compatible with water-based products and offer improved durability through the supply chain to the store shelf.  Bottle Solutions stocks both quart and gallon sizes.


Bottle Solutions assumes no responsibility for product and container/closure compatibility.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to select containers and closures that are suitable for intended use.  Customers are encouraged to research their products for suitability with packaging choices, and conduct product testing to confirm compatibility.