All About Caps

Ribbed Cap 

Ribbed Caps are the basic closure in the packaging business. The Ribbed Cap is a threaded closure with an uninterrupted spiral mechanism. This provides the user the ability to easily seal and reseal the container. The ribbed sided design provides easy gripping for the user to twist on and off. This cap has a flat matte top, which easily allows for labeling. At Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. we can help you apply your important message on your caps. 

Ribbed Child Resistant Cap 
The Ribbed Child Resistant Cap has all of the same basic characteristics as the standard ribbed cap except for the requirement to press and turn the closure in one continuous motion to open. Resealing the container requires one continuous turning motion as does the standard ribbed cap. In addition the top has raised letters with opening instructions; therefore the top of these caps cannot be printed or decorated. In the packaging industry you may see these referred to as CR caps. 

Deep Skirted Ribbed Cap 
Deep Skirted Ribbed Caps have the same basic features as the standard ribbed cap, however they are taller. This allows for the cap to fit properly on select longer neck containers. This cap has a flat matte top, which easily allows for labeling. At Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. we can help you apply your important message on your caps. 

Dispensing Cap 
Dispensing Caps come in a variety of different configurations. These come in a Disc Top, Flip Spout, and Flip Top design. 

• Disc Top Caps feature a small orifice that, once exposed by applying pressure on one side of the cap top allows liquid to be dispensed. These are often used in the health and beauty aids business for shampoos, conditioners and other similar products. However, there are many other applications for the Disc Top cap for any type of material that needs to be dispensed from a container. 

• Flip Spout Caps are one of the oldest designs in dispensing caps. This closure has a spout that flips up from an indentation in the cap and then fits back in the same indentation when not in use. This type of closure will work with thinner types of liquids and more viscous materials. It is important to select the appropriate opening/orifice in the spout. 

• Flip Top Caps feature a top with a hinge, that when opened, reveals an opening/orifice in the center of the cap. These often provide a more economical dispensing top option. Depending on the opening size these can be used for both thin and thicker liquids. 

Dome Shaped Cap 
The Dome Shaped Cap is a standard screw on cap with continuous thread, however with a dome shaped top. Usually, these caps come with smooth, rather than ribbed, walls. These are usually found on jars rather than bottles and most often used in the cosmetics industry. You will find face creams and similar highly viscous products in containers with domed tops. 

Dropper Cap 
Dropper caps are recognized by their glass or plastic tube and rubber tops. These are screwed onto glass or plastic bottles for dispensing of thin liquids. They are often used where a few, controlled number of drops are required. Because of this they typically fit only on smaller size bottles. 

Fine Mist Sprayers 
When the need exists for a thin, low viscosity liquid to be misted, the Fine Mist Sprayers are the solution. These can fit on various size bottles by selecting the correct “dip tube” length. These sprayers come with a protective cap. The Fine Mist Sprayers are often used to replace aerosol containers. At Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. we stock the most popular colors, however, if you need a special color let us know and we can often find exactly what you need. 

Lug Caps 
Lug caps are made of metal and usually come in a gold color. They are most often used on glass hexagon jars or round jelly type jars. However, the applications for lug cap and container are endless. These caps most often come with a Plastisol liner, which provides an excellent seal. To enhance your product Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. can provide a label that meets your individual company needs. Check out the options on-line or give one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives a call today! 

Pumps work in a variety of different applications, from very large to very small containers. You can find pumps on hand lotion bottles up to gallon size ketchup and mustard jars. One of their benefits is that they allow for dispensing of equal amounts of product with each pumping cycle. Pumps are mainly designed for higher viscosity liquids and do not work well, or at all, with thinner liquids. Pumps can be used on plastic, glass and metal containers. 

Phenolic Cap 
Phenolic Caps are the premier closure in the packaging business. The Phenolic Cap is a threaded closure with an uninterrupted spiral mechanism. This provides the user the ability to easily seal and reseal the container. The ribbed sided design provides easy gripping for the user to twist on and off. This cap has a smooth top. The main benefit of Phenolic Caps is their durability and long life. As a result they are a more premium priced product. 

Spice Cap 
Spice Caps are a specialized product designed to fit spice bottles. They come in Plain, “Sift and Spoon,” and “Pour and Spoon” designs. The Plain will often use a “Sifter Fitment” that attaches to the container, before the cap is applied. The Sift and Spoon has both a sifter and an opening for larger volume built into the cap. The Pour and Spoon has a smaller dispensing opening and a larger opening, which allows the spice product to be spooned out. All of these come in a variety of colors for easy product identification. When putting your spice package together don’t forget to order your labels from Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. 

Trigger Sprayers 
When you have higher volume low viscosity spraying needs select one of our Trigger Sprayers. These can be used on a variety of containers, but are most typically found on sprayer bottles. As its name implies the sprayer has a trigger at the top for dispensing of controlled volume amounts. The applications are endless, from window cleaners to food. Always remember to consider the height of your container so you purchase the right dip tube length. 

Yorker Spout 
The Yorker Spout is a unique inverted cone shape with an orifice for dispensing from a squeeze bottle. These come with a red tip to protect the opening. You will often find these used for mustard, ketchup, paint, glues and many other higher viscosity products. 

All About Linings for Caps & Closures

Selecting the proper cap liner is critical to completion of your package. At Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co. we offer many different caps with a variety of liners. In selecting a liner you need to consider the chemical resistance or moisture barriers that a particular liner offers. The liners we carry are listed below with definitional information important for you to consider. Always remember that you must first thoroughly test you cap, liner and container together for proper fit and chemical properties. 

Foam Liners
Foam liners tend to be used in many common caps. A foam liner, as its name implies, has a thin low density foam ring, which is sandwiched between two layers of low density polyethylene (LDPE) film. When chemical resistance or low moisture transmission is important, you will want to select a Foam Liner. You will also find that these liners protect from odor transmission and do not impact the taste of food products in the container. Very often you will see these referred to as “F-217™” or “Sureseal™” liners, which is an industry trade name. 

Induction / Heal Seal Liners 
When you need to have a tamper evident seal for your bottle; a good solution is the Induction or Heat Seal Liner. The installation of this liner requires a special piece of equipment, which allows a foil liner to be tightly sealed to the top of the container. These are often used when air needs to be removed from the container, and/or product security is an issue. You will see this often used in the food pharmaceutical industries. 

Plastisol Liner
Plastisol Liners are very popular in the food industry for canning, hot sauces, barbecue sauces and many other applications. They are a unique liner in that they create a vacuum seal as product cools in the container. 

Polyseal Cone Liners
Polyseal Cone Liners are usually used for liquid products. They are made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). This liner provides a seal both on the top of the container (outer diameter) and across the inside of the container (inner diameter), resulting in a strong wedge type seal. This liner is designed to resist cracking from stress caused when the cap is applied to the container. 

Pressure Seal Liner
The Pressure Seal Liner is a foam liner that has an adhesive side designed to stick on the opening of the container. A “seal” is accomplished with the normal closing of the container, without any special type of equipment. When the cap is removed from the container the film seal remains on the opening offering both protection and security for the product inside. This liner is designed for dry powder products. The packaging industry will often call this a “PS-22” liner. 

Pulp and Vinyl Liner
The Pulp and Vinyl Liner, for metal caps, is an excellent liner for chemical resistance. It therefore works well with solvents, alcohols, mild acids, alkalis and other chemically based products. This liner has a vinyl film that adheres to a white pulp (paper) backing. The Pulp and Vinyl Liner is not designed for bleaches or active hydrocarbons. This liner can also be known as a poly-vinyl liner. 

Pulp and Aluminum Foil Liner 
With the Pulp and Aluminum Foil Liner you get a polyester film that is laminated to aluminum foil, which adheres to a pulp board. These liners come in metal caps in a variety of sizes. These liners are excellent for containers that have hydro carbon type products. Included here are alcohols, ketones and other oils. Caps with Pulp and Aluminum Foils do not work with acids or alkalis. 

Pulp and Oil Liner 
Pulp and Oil Liners are used primarily in metal closures. They provide resistance to chemical products that react negatively to polyethylene liners. Pulp and Oil Liners are often used with acidic type food products. 

Pulp and Poly Liner 
Pulp and Poly Liners are excellent for cold-fill, non-acidic food products and powders. You might find these used in food supplement packaging.


Bottle Solutions assumes no responsibility for product and container/closure compatibility.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to select containers and closures that are suitable for intended use.  Customers are encouraged to research their products for suitability with packaging choices, and conduct product testing to confirm compatibility.