Plastic Pails

The following is a brief description of the major types of plastic pails offered by Bottle Solutions:

Light Weight Dairy – Can be used for both fresh and frozen products.  Colors are natural or white.  Offers a complete range of gallon sizes.  Comes with or without handle, and handles can be plastic or metal.  Often used for ice creams, cheeses, and other thicker dairy products.  Very light weight and therefore designed for single use.

Open Head Round – Widely used for many different dry and liquid applications and in a variety of different industries.  For products sold in bulk, plastic pails are easy to fill, empty, carry and store.  Plastic pails are typically made of High Density Polyethylene (HPDE) although other materials such as polypropylene can also be made available.  Pails typically come in black, natural or white colors.  Other colors are available by special order.  Sizes range from 1 to 6 gallons.  Covers are extremely easy to open and reseal. They provide stacking safety, shipping integrity, and tamper evidence to protect your product.  Covers can be provided in the same color as the pail or in different colors by special order.  Built-in pour spouts are also available.

Square – Similar to a round pail in function and use, square pails feature a space saving design which can reduce packaging costs by creating the ability to store and ship in a much smaller cube space. Approximately 60 square pails will fit in the space of 36 round containers.

UN/Hazmat – Materials classified as hazardous shipments may require a UN approved package.  Bottle Solutions carries a full line Open and Closed Head UN Plastic Pails ranging from 3.5 to 6 gallon.  Colors typically include white, black or gray; however special colors may also be available.  UN approved pails feature a special cover that when combined with the matching pail allows for its certification to ship regulated materials.  Bottle Solutions can help you select the appropriate UN-rated package for your particular product.

Closed Top (Tight Head) – Used for non-corrosive liquids and offered in both round and rectangular shape.  Colors are natural, white or blue. Offered with a UN rating for hazardous products as well as a non-UN rated version.  Closed Top pails have easy stacking features with top and bottom interlocking design.  Pails come with plastic non-corrosive pivoting wide handle grips for easy carrying.  Anti-glug vents are an option.  There are a wide variety of closures to fit different filling, dispensing and sealing requirements.

Screw Top – Bottle Solutions carries the Life Latch® brand of screw top plastic pails and covers which are offered in white with sizes ranging from 1 to 6.5 gallons. Covers can also come in blue, green or red for product differentiation. Life Latch® plastic pails can be used as chemical containers, biohazard waste containers, pharmaceutical containers, food storage containers and even pet food storage containers. The patented Life Latch® lid screws and unscrews with ease. Life Latch® open head pails are approved for solids and U.N. Certified for Groups II and III. All sizes are U.N. certified approved pharmaceutical containers. Life Latch® plastic buckets use FDA components for food storage containers and pharmaceutical containers. The Life Latch® seals are vacuum tight and moisture resistant.

Steel Pails

Steel pails are ideal for solvent-based, acidic or corrosive materials, and for any product that requires a higher level of UN rated packaging.  Bottle Solutions offers steel pails in the standard 5 gallon size, black or gray in color.  Other sizes and colors are also available.  Open head steel pails feature a removable lug cover that comes plain or can be fitted with a variety of spouts.  Open head pails come with a wire bail and plastic handle.  Closed head pails are fitted with a variety of pour spouts and feature a welded metal handle.


Bottle Solutions assumes no responsibility for product and container/closure compatibility.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to select containers and closures that are suitable for intended use.  Customers are encouraged to research their products for suitability with packaging choices, and conduct product testing to confirm compatibility.