Sprayers and Pumps come in a variety of styles designed for specific applications.  Higher volume, low viscosity spraying needs are best suited for Trigger Sprayers.  These can be used on a variety of containers, but are typically found on sprayer bottles.  As its name implies the sprayer has a trigger at the top for dispensing of controlled volume amounts.  The applications are endless, from window cleaners to food.  Always remember to consider the height of your container so you purchase the right dip tube length.  Pumps work in a variety of different applications, from very large to very small containers.  You can find pumps on hand lotion bottles up to gallon size ketchup and mustard jars. One of the benefits of Pumps is that they allow for dispensing of equal amounts of product with each pumping cycle. Pumps are mainly designed for higher viscosity liquids and do not work well, or at all, with thinner liquids.  Pumps can be used on plastic, glass and metal containers.  Fine Mist Sprayers are designed for thin, low viscosity liquids to be misted. These can fit on various size bottles by selecting the correct dip tube length. These sprayers come with a protective cap. The Fine Mist Sprayers are often used to replace aerosol containers. At Bottle Solutions we stock the most popular colors, however, if you need a special color let us know and we can often find exactly what you need.